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How does an affiliate program work?

Affiliate programs are partner programs on the internet that are offered by merchants to advertise and promote their products and services through affiliate business partners. The affiliate receives a commission based upon various criteria (pop ups, clicks, customer acquisition and/or orders).

What can I do as a webmaster?

When you register to be part of our affiliate program, we will provide you with various forms of advertising media that you can incorporate into your own website. You can use the media on your homepage, in e-mail newsletters, postings and blog entries. The more new customers, orders and even new webmasters you acquire, the higher your commission will be (explanation of the commission model)

What does it cost to participate in the affiliate program?

Nothing. Registration and participation is free, and will remain so.

What advantages does your affiliate program offer?

We offer you security and a high-level of brand recognition. We also attach a great deal of importance to solid and trustworthy teamwork. That is why you can always rely on us for quick and uncomplicated support, and we are always open to your suggestions and new ideas. Fairness is always at the top of our list, and that is why we offer our affiliates a great commission system and a rapid processing of sales. There is no unnecessarily long wait for profits to come through, all without fuss or cancellation penalties.

How does the commission model work?

First sale commission

You receive a commission of 2 euro for every first sale on www.beateuhse.movie or www.privatporno.com.

Pay per sale

You receive up to 50% commission once your acquired user makes a payment in the relevant amount.

Beate-Uhse-Movie.com privatporno.com
More than 1 payment – 30% Provision More than 1 payment – 30% Provision
More than 150 sales -40% Provision More than 150 sales – 35% Provision
More than 300 Sales – 50% Provision More than 300 Sales – 40% Provision

When does payment take place?

Any payment due will be made by bank transfer once you have a minimum credit of 50 euro on your account at the end of the month, and your personal and bank account details are complete and correct.

Do I have to pay tax on my commission?

Yes. Any commission earned is defined as an income, and must be declared to the relevant tax office and taxed accordingly. Whether or not taxes must be paid on the amount depends on the total amount of the income, and the relevant tax legislation in your country.